Sunday, June 17, 2012

Touch of Frost Review

Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy, #1)My Review
3.5 Stars

Ok, I did enjoy this book, although I had some problems with it. There were a lot of things in the book that were very repetitive. For most of the book every time the author mentioned Gwen's mom, she also had to make sure that we understood Gwen's mom's name is Grace. 

Also the first few times Logan Quinn is mentioned... it was "Logan freaking Quinn". 

I did really enjoy the concept and execution of the book. They are all mythological greek superbeings who all go to school together. Oh... and all the Greek gods and goddesses are real.

The only thing I didn't get is that in the book the big bad guy is Loki and according to the book's mythology Nike defeats him. I always thought Loki was a Norse god, not a Greek god. I will have to look into that more I guess.

I plan on reading the rest.

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