Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dearly, Departed Review

Dearly, DepartedMy Review
4 Stars

I am not a steampunk fan, but I really enjoyed this book. It brought in a little steampunk, a little dystopian, and of course... Zombies!

I really enjoyed how the author created two kinds of zombies. The Greys who are mindless and just want to eat flesh (not brains) and Z Company who keep their minds and live (almost) like regular humans. 

Nora was great. She had the right amount of tough girl vs innocent girl. She wasn't the typical "rich girl" (even though she was rich) because her family had only come into money in recent years. 

Nora's best friend, Pam was such a great character! I loved her. She was so funny in parts. 

The Zombies - I think my favorite out of all the zombies was Chas. I know it is supposed to be Bram as he is the main zombie and Nora's love interest - but I found all that a little weird. It mentions how Bram looks - and he obviously looks dead with his eyes, skin, etc. But it seems like the author forgets about how bad he looks and tries to pass him off as just another good looking teenager, but he isn't. 

I can't wait for the next book to come out.

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  1. I'm thrilled to own this book and can't wait until I can read it. I love that there's steampunk, dystopia, and zombies. I couldn't ask for more! You know the author did a great job when you read a genre you aren't typically a fan of but it changes how you feel about that genre. Awesomeness! :D