Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gathering Blue Review

Gathering BlueMy Review

2.5 Stars

First off, I don't understand how this book could be the second in The Giver series, when it had absolutely nothing to do with the first one. I was expecting the same society, but it was completely different. It was just another dystopian book.

It was ok, but not the best book I have ever read. The society that the author created was a little odd, and a lot of it was unbelievable. People get their names by how old they are (1 syllable per every x number of years).  Kira, the main character, is two syllables, so she is older than Matt who is one.  Honestly, it doesn't make sense.

I might have enjoyed it more, if I wasn't expecting another Giver. The Giver is my favorite book, and this one pales in comparison.

Not one I would really recommend.

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