My Rating Breakdown

1 Star: I had a strong dislike for this book. This is not a book I wish I had never read, and sometimes a book that I couldn’t even finish. (I will try and finish all books just to give them a fair shot of a turn-around). I would never recommend a 1 star book to anyone. 

1.5 Stars: I disliked this book, but it had something in it that I enjoyed. I will always have finished a 1.5 star book, and I am sure most of the time the ending would save it from being a 1 star. I wouldn’t recommend a 1.5 star book.

2 Stars: Not my type of book. This would be a book that I didn’t really enjoy reading but had some good parts to it. If I knew someone I think would enjoy this book, I would recommend.

2.5 Stars: An ok book. This would be a book that had potential to be a good book in my opinion, but was just lacking in a few areas.  One I might recommend depending on the circumstances.

3 Stars: A good book. One that had about equal parts “I liked it” and “I didn’t like it.” I might give a 3 star another shot at a later time to become a 3.5 or maybe even 4 star. I would probably recommend most of these books.

3.5 Stars: Oh… so close to being a book I really enjoy. There would be more I liked than more I didn’t in this book. Same as for 3 Stars, I would consider reading again. I would almost always recommend a 3.5 star.

4 Stars: Really liked this book. One I would own and read again. Still enough parts of it that I didn’t like to where it wouldn’t be a favorite.  I would always recommend a 4 star book.

4.5 Stars: Really, really liked this book. Again, I would own and read this book again I liked it so much. This would be a book that might end up on my “favorites shelf”. I would always recommend and encourage people to read a 4.5 star book.

And now you are probably wondering… well, what does it take to get a 5 star rating?

5 Stars: I absolutely LOVED this book and have to have it. There is no question that this would be a book I would seek out to own if I didn’t already. If it was the first book in the series, I would probably even preorder the following book. I would always strongly encourage people to read this book. 

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