Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Selection Review

The Selection (The Selection, #1)
**3.5 Stars**


MY OVERVIEW: I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I really wasn’t expecting to like it as I am not a big reality tv fan and do not like The Bachelor (or even the concept of it) at all. However, I did enjoy the book.

PROS: Even though the plot of the story isn’t original, the setting is. It is a future dystopian society and it is very interesting how the hierarchy is set up. I do like how the author went into a little bit of how the society came into being after the 3rd and 4th World Wars. I thought Maxon was a great character, and exactly what you would want in a prince. When confronted with the reality of what his subjects were going through, he made changes.

CONS: Oh my god, the names in this book are horrible. Why would you name a character, never mind the main character, America Singer? I think the author might be too big of an American Idol fan, especially since the King’s name is King Clarkson. SPOILER I also did not like how America reacted to Aspen when she saw him again. He broke her heart and instead of pointing it out, she falls for him all over again.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: As I said, I was pleasantly surprised by this book and I look forward to reading the next one.

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