Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pandemonium Review

Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)
**1.5 Stars** 


MY OVERVIEW: Ok, so I need to just say that the cover creeps me out. The girl’s eyes seem like they are staring through you and every time I put the book down I had to put it face down to keep from looking at the creepy cover. It took a while to get into this book, but I finally did around page 100. The book lost me again around page 170 and picked back up in the 200’s. 

PROS: Um, not too many pros for this one. Raven. Raven and Tack were great characters and I am glad the author brought them in. I would have loved to hear more about Tack’s story, but reading Raven’s was emotional. 

CONS: I don’t like how the author changed the time frame every chapter. Every other chapter was either “now” or “then” and it got really annoying. She should have just stuck with the same format as the last book. Also, the beginning was too “emo poetry” for me. ”Crawling, insides curled into dust, mouth full of the taste of smoke. Fingernail by fingernail, like a worm. That is how she comes into the world, the new Lena.” Blech. Also, I don’t like the author brought in another love interest SPOILER [especially when everyone knows Alex is still alive.] But then again, it is a dystopian novel, so I guess there has to be a love interest. I just didn’t believe the relationship that was formed between Lena and Julian. It was very fake. 

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: I am glad the book is over. It was a struggle to finish it and I was really excited for this one as I thought Delirium was great. Even though this book left on a cliff hanger, I don’t think I will be reading the next one, especially if the author follows the same format as this book.

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