Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Secret Life of Copernicus H Stringfellow: Surreptitious Superhero Review

The Secret Life of Copernicus H. Stringfellow: Surreptitious Superhero
**3 Stars**

I would like to thank the author, Lorin K. Barber for sending this book to me for an honest review. 

MY OVERVIEW: I thought the concept behind this book was really interesting and original. However, it was a little hard to get through in some areas. I did how you could really tell the author did a lot of research for his book. 

PROS: I really liked Nick. He actually reminded me a little bit of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory; only, if you can believe it, smarter. I actually liked how each chapter was different and you not only followed Nick but every one else whose lives he touched. As I said above, the concept was really interesting and I will never look at Twinkies the same way again. If Twinkies didn’t make me sick, I would sooo be tempted to start eating them to see if I remember things better. :)

CONS: There were a few times that I had to skim a little bit. These parts reminded me of a Michael Crichton novel, where he has obviously done his research and included a lot information on whatever subject his character is talking about at the time. The book read like a middle-grade novel, but had a lot of big words and information more appropriate to young adult. I felt like I had to keep a dictionary handy just to understand some parts and I think that maybe the words could have been explained a little better in the book. Especially when most of the people around Nick didn’t understand what he was saying sometimes too.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, a good book. If this becomes a series, I will definitely be reading the next. I just rated it a 3 because I had a little bit of a hard time getting through some high information areas.

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