Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Lost Prince Review - ARC

The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #1)Book: The Lost Prince
Author: Julie Kagawa
Book One in The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten Series
Expected Publication: October 23rd 2012
Edition Read: eGalley


Don't look at Them. Never let Them know you can see Them. That is Ethan Chase's unbreakable rule. Until the fey he avoids at all costs-including his reputation-begin to disappear, and Ethan is attacked. Now he must change the rules to protect his family. To save a girl he never thought he'd dare to fall for.

Ethan thought he had protected himself from his older sister's world-the land of Faery. His previous time in the Iron Realm left him with nothing but fear and disgust for the world Meghan Chase has made her home, a land of myth and talking cats, of magic and seductive enemies. But when destiny comes for Ethan, there is no escape from a danger long, long forgotten.

My Review:
**4.5 Stars**
I received an ARC of this book for an honest review from the publisher via NetGalley. 

MY OVERVIEW: Julie Kagawa does it again! She has created another fantastic series that will suck you in. I was hooked from the first page.

PROS: OMG! I want Razor! He is sooooo great. There are so many pros to this book that I just can't name them all. But I really did like how she integrated The Iron Fey series into this book. I have my suspicions as to who the new "big bad" is - IF - the character was introduced in the last series. All of the characters are written beautifully, but then who could argue when she brings back Grim and Puck!

CONS: I really didn't have too many cons for this book. I would have liked to have seen a little more of the Iron Realm and Ethan and Megan's relationship. Ethan was also a little annoying at some points with his "tough guy" attitude.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: I can't wait for the next book! This is going to be another great series!


  1. Fantastic review! I have this one to review as well so I'm trying to fly through my TBR to get to it :D

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed the book and hope you do too!