Monday, August 6, 2012

Red Leaves and the Living Token Review

Red Leaves and the Living Token**4 Stars**

MY OVERVIEW: This is one of those books that you don’t want to judge by the cover. Honestly, the cover freaks me out and I almost didn’t read the book because of it. But I am glad that the author provided a copy for me to review – otherwise I would have never read this great book!

PROS: Emret! I love him. He is such a stubborn and determined young boy. The author did a fantastic job creating three different races of “people” and a wonderful new world. I could picture everything perfectly. 

CONS: There are still a few places that need a little editing, but it isn’t that bad. Raj was pretty annoying at points. It seemed like all he wanted was his son back no matter what it did to Emret. He would rather have a son back who died in a few days than help Emret find the Reds and be healed. 

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: An enjoyable read and one that I will continue reading when the next in the series comes out. 

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