Saturday, August 18, 2012

Apprentice: The Darkwater Adventurer's Guild Review

The Darkwater Adventurers Guild, Vol 1: Apprentice
**3 Stars**
I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review through a read-to-recap program.

MY OVERVIEW: A good start to a potentially great series. It sounds like it will be four books if it follows how many years Ralik will be at the Guild. That seems like it will be the perfect amount.

PROS: Elves! I love elves. I am so glad they are in this book. I have a perfect picture in my mind for what Jander looks like. He was the best character out of all of them. I liked how the main “problem” in the book wasn’t solved at the end. 

CONS: It was a little too much like Hogwarts for me in some parts. I don’t mind the whole training school thing, but there were too many Hogwarts similarities. 

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: An enjoyable read. It fell a little short in some areas, but I look forward to seeing how the series progresses. 

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