Friday, November 9, 2012

A White So Red Review

A White So RedBook: A White So Red
Author: Krystle Jones
Edition Read: ebook


Take back what is yours. 

Seventeen-year-old Snow's life changed forever the night her stepmother, the Queen, sent her huntsman to cut our her heart. Fleeing for her life, Snow runs to the Silver Forest, a place as dangerous as it is enchanting, and beings an adventure she could never have dreamed.

With no one at her side but a rowdy band of carnivorous dwarves and an arrogant, rogue prince who's too handsome for his own good, Snow must confront the challenge that's been laid before her: Kill the Queen, and take back the kingdom that should have been hers.

But if she is to succeed, Snow will have to tap into a powerful, ancient form of magic, one that may have been sleeping inside her all along.

My Review:
**4.5 Stars**
I was provided a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. 

MY OVERVIEW: Wow! Just wow! This was a fantastic reimagining of Snow White.

PROS: I loved Snow (Natalia). She was such a fantastic character and was written beautifully. Casper was definitely swoon-worthy. He just made your heart melt whenever he interacted with Snow. The way the evil queen was done, was brilliant! [SPOILER] I really liked how the evil wasn't the actual queen, but an evil being that overtook her. Again... Brilliant! [END SPOILER]

CONS: I wish we had seen just a little more of Rose. Or maybe that there will be another book, or short story written from her perspective during all this. My only other con deals with the dwarves. At times it was confusing as to who was who (aside from the main ones).

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: A book that I would highly recommend; especially for fans of Snow White or even just retellings.

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