Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Golden Web Review

A Golden Web

My Synopsis:

Alessandra wants nothing more than to study medicine at the University in Bologna. However, she is born in a time when this is not acceptable for a woman. A woman's duty is to marry young and bear her husband lots of children. This is something that Alessandra has no interest in at all. 

A Golden Web chronicles her journey in attending the University posing as a young boy with the help of her older brother Nicco.

My Review **SPOILER ALERT**:
3 Stars

I like how the author did a lot of research on this book and based it on real people. The beginning was a little annoying however, as she seemed to jump around quickly. The first few years went by very fast. Then when Alessandra was sent to the convent for a year - if you added up all the months, it equaled almost 2 years.

Alessandra was a great character, and I love her determination. I also loved Nic, her older brother. He was my favorite character in the book.

I did see it coming that the one guy she ever felt an attachment to, ends up being her betrothed. That plot was not hidden well at all.

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